About Psych Sonnets

abouitDSM  In May of 2013 the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was released.  This marks the fourth version of a publication used during the twenty year period of my career as a family therapist.  No edition can be said to be a compelling read.  The subjective is swallowed by an emphasis on establishing objective diagnostic criteria.  Categorizing behavior and cognitive process is an enormous task that leaves little room to explain the actual experience of living with a disorder.  Poetry seems a useful form to depict the challenges, courage, confusion, fear and hope that go along with living with a mental disorder or being in a relationship with one suffering from any of the hundreds of conditions defined in DSM-5.  Hopefully, these sonnets will provide a small glimpse into our fragile emotional well-being and the strength it takes to live with or move through a mental disorder.

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