Sonnet 307.51 – Bulimia Nervosa


Sonnet 307.51


I’ve lived with wanting, yearning and an ache

For this night as long as I’ve had memories

Of you.  As long as my heart’s been awake

It’s beaten in hope that you will be pleased

Seeing me cross the room.  I take your hand

With your offer to sit at your table

And recall the meals shared on a nightstand

With paper plates and plastic utensils.

A feast of nostalgia blends emotions

As I rise asking to please be excused

To a stall of granite and porcelain

Releasing the tension that’s left me confused.

Alone and glancing at the bowl below

Flushing, I’m certain that you still don’t know.


Bulimia Nervosa

In Partial Remission, Mild

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