Sonnet 312.34 – Intermittent Explosive Disorder


Sonnet 312.34


Don’t even think about it you fucker.

I’m watching you try to drive up my ass,

Well you can just kiss it you cock sucker!

Do you think God gave you the right to pass

Me just because your ride costs more than mine?

Guess again you nickle dick.  Swear to God

You’ll wish our lanes had never intertwined

Mister big ass wipe with the red hot rod.

Come closer and you’ll see those are my eyes

In the mirror.  It’s my throat growing hoarse.

My finger in the air circling clockwise

In your face on this highway turned racecourse.

My ears hearing you drive into my car

Just before I knew I took this too far.


Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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