Sonnet v62.82 – Uncomplicated Bereavement


Sonnet v62.82


She spoke of how color became brighter,

Every sound sharp and more clearly a part

Of its source, and that all life became lighter

As she learned that all sense was in the heart.

She said that character grows when we strive

For our best and apply all we’ve been taught.

She came to express freely a view that life

And memory have more in common than not.

Each conversation left farther behind

The bits of what I thought would be our past

The simple and the grand, all realigned

Around moments that came to be our last.

Last moments of life with memories now tied

To the stillness she bore the moment she died.


Uncomplicated Bereavement

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  • Last night I watched an old fav film, ELEGY. There’s a scene at the very end, David Kepesh is rushing to the hospital to sit with a woman he has loved in such a way he had never imagined, it’s raining, and he now sees clearly, he understands, there’s a voiceover, “Time passes when you’re not looking.”

    In this sonnet you capture the tragedy of those moments of lucidity and self-awareness, in that stillness when “the simple and grand are realigned,” when we are calm and lucid in the dying, and whether or not the death is real & physical, or a metaphor for a necessary death/rebirth in a difficult moment in our lives, it serves to know the role of the heart and the impact on our character.

    • This is my first blog and the first time I’ve put my writing out to the public. An unexpected dividend of this is the receipt of comments that put the piece in a fuller context. Like a new frame on an old painting, the sonnet is richer. Thank you for your thoughtful sharing of your impressions. Thanks too for the recollection of Elegy and the unexpected connection to this short piece.

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