Sonnet 303.90 – Alcohol Use Disorder


etoh Sonnet 303.90


As planned when the first light of day was direct

Heading out at work’s end on the known course

To return home on time and not be held suspect

Or once again threatened with well-earned divorce.

But, love’s a spirit with a double heart

As intent shifts with the crossroads in sight

My gut in dis-ease, I’m driving off chart.

I park at the mart when I should have turned right.

With bottle in hand, I glance at the mirror.

Then let half a half pint wash out self-doubt

While the second half drowns my sober fears

And relieves the thirst of this dry day’s drought.

Turning the key as I cannot tempt fate.

Gotta get home before I’m .08.


Alcohol Use Disorder, Severe

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