Sonnet v61.1 – Relationship Distress


Sonnet v61.10


It’s true you’ve answered this one hundred times

Before in painful detail and in haste

Claiming and admitting innocence and crime.

Your replies repeated and steps retraced

In your mind and mine.  The bond between us

Is strangely silent as it’s torn apart.

Our history and hope now hostage to mistrust

Clouding my vision and caging my heart.

I’ve come to accept the effort it takes

To obscure my want to let go, forgive

And believe, before the arrival of hate,

In some shared desire to keep love alive.

Back to the question left hanging mid-air.

Please, who, what, when, why and how could you dare?



Relationship Distress with Spouse or Intimate Partner

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  • This sonnet brought it all back for me, the distress, the tearing apart. In the end love did die, and that was the worst, something you can’t prepare for or manage, to realize it’s an organic phenomenon, something you can’t control with will or words. That love can die, and later to love again then learn that it can be unrequited. Relationship distress indeed, coming to see that loneliness has its charms.

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